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Describe a day in the life of Samia Grand-Pierre (left) & Lois Sakany (right):

Samia: A regular day starts with meditation/prayer, a few sun salutations then If I have to work at my visual merchandising job I head out to the city. I try to check a few emails on the go and do some Instagram posts. I come back to the home/office after work and peruse Google Reader and do some blogging. If I have the day to myself, I’m usually online posting, doing research, reading various digital publications about fashion, advertising and pop culture. That routine will also be sprinkled with showroom and tradeshow visits, various launches, store openings, presentations and runway shows.

Lois: I work entirely from home and I’m usually sitting at my desk starting at 7:30AM and I’m here until 5, 6 and sometimes 7PM and then I often work on one weekend day, too. I’m a big believer in working really hard (which is a strength though sometime I overdo it). I have multiple jobs but when my focus is TheSnobette, I look for day-to-day fashion stories we can cover by perusing Twitter. We also receive a lot of emails from brands pitching stories. We have a stable of names we’re always excited to feature but we’re always opening to feature someone fresh and new. Definitely we think it’s so important to attend and cover fashion events and trade shows. We are blessed to live in a city that is one of the world’s centers for fashon and it would be foolish not to take advantage of that. Continue reading TheSnobette