Juliet Nwekenta


Officially launched in 2011, Dee Rosa is a celebration of London-based designer Juliet Nwekenta’s Nigerian heritage, lifestyle, and cultural inspirations through visually stimulating, intricate patterns and geometric shapes.

Describe a day in the life of Juliet Nwekenta, Founder & Creative Director of Dee Rosa:

My day usually starts with checking and replying to emails. I then form a to do list of what I want to achieve in the day. Sometimes it could be a day of drawing up new designs, or promotion and marketing, sometimes there are meetings, it really does vary. I also freelance occasionally as a music consultant and I just started DJing too plus I have a part-time job for now while the business finds it feet.

How did you get started with Dee Rosa – and how does your role as Founder & Creative Director reflect your personal aesthetic?

After graduating from University in the UK with an Advertising and Marketing degree, I just wanted to do something different. I always loved art/design and  was always drawing on the side plus I was a serious music head too. I decided to go down the music route, so I moved to NYC for a year to intern at a couple of recording studios after which I returned to the London and was A&R scouting and then more recently music consultancy. Continue reading Juliet Nwekenta