Samantha Smikle


Founder & Creative Director of TNEMNRODA [nem-roh-da] + Style Blogger at O.M.O. Writes


Describe a day in the life of Samantha Smikle:

My day is super specific to my current agenda. But being that I’m a one man army, most times, it’s jam packed. Now I’m being trained in CAD design for jewelry so I’m doing that everyday at GIA. Then I usually run over to my usual wholesale vendors on 6th ave for chain and other findings. Then I run over to the jewelry district over on 46th/47th Continue reading Samantha Smikle

Julie Ramos

Logo Caviar Noir


Founder & Designer of Caviar NOIR Jewelry

What’s the history behind Caviar NOIR – what propelled you to start it (how did you come up with the name) – and how does Caviar Noir reflect your personal aesthetic?

I wanted to create a brand that was both luxuriously sophisticated and edgy at the same time. I utilize pearls and chains in most of my designs. The pearls remind me of caviar. It is elegant, sophisticated, and luxurious. The chains create a dark and edgy affect (“noir”). Designing pieces to create a balance is what makes it so interesting and appealing to look at. My style has always been pretty interesting. I like to play with the preppy look and the rocker bad ass look. Continue reading Julie Ramos