Isis Arias

Brand Marketer & Event Producer | Around The Way Cool Girl


Describe a day in the life of Isis Arias:

A day in my life is a constant variation of many things depending on what I’m working on. The average day consists of me waking up and staring at my iPhone, checking email, responding to texts, checking social media. It’s not the best wake method, I should really work on meditating more but it’s a force of habit. If I’m up early enough I tend to go for a jog or yoga, and then I’m in front of my computer for a few hours working on anything from emails to project plans, checking in on the marketing programs I manage, event research and logistic planning. The rest of the day tends to be scattered with conference calls, outreach and meetings, although I tend to try and schedule meeting days so I have more than one reason to head into the city especially since I work from home and mobile, so I’m often doing some of these things from the road!

How did you get started with brand marketing and events – and how does strategic and event planning reflect your personal aesthetic? Continue reading Isis Arias