Q&A with (The Brands)

Tannis Spencer

TANNIS SPENCER WRITER/DIRECTOR/FOUNDER OF THEMICOLE.COM NEW YORK, NY How does your craft reflect your personal aesthetic? I think my personal aesthetic has actually influenced my craft more. I adopted a minimalist aesthetic early in my adult life and that comes across in my work relatively strongly. I’ve really tried to focus on noise reduction in … Continue reading Tannis Spencer

Ariel Lopez

Image of Ariel Lopez c/o Innov8tiv.com Ariel Lopez is a career coach at General Assembly – and founder of 2020Shift, a social enterprise that is designed to educate black and latino millennials on careers in the technology space. I was most impressed by Ariel’s work with 2020Shift – dedicated to setting students and recent graduates up for success, but most importantly filling the diversity gap with talent by … Continue reading Ariel Lopez

Darling Chuck

ANDREA “DREA” RAMOS AKA DARLING CHUCK DJ QUEENS, NEW YORK I met Drea at a mutual friend’s Ugly Christmas Sweater party in Brooklyn about three years ago. Back then, she was a fashion casting director who juggled a couple of DJ gigs after work – but despite her hectic schedule, Drea kept it going. As we kept in … Continue reading Darling Chuck

Rana Campbell

RANA CAMPBELL CONTENT STRATEGIST & FOUNDER OF RANACAMPBELL.COM ORANGE, NEW JERSEY Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Rana Campbell, Princeton University alumni and Founder of lifestyle website: RanaCampbell.com. Rana and I instantly bonded over our passion for bridging the gap between vision and reality – as she shared her website’s mission to help individuals shine in their … Continue reading Rana Campbell

Melissa Mercado

MELISSA MERCADO ARTIST PG COUNTY, MARYLAND Behind every artist is a muse; behind every successful man is a hardworking woman – and it takes a strong foundation for couples to thrive together in an ever-changing industry to help each other grow and stay on top of their game. I met Melissa through a good friend of mine, … Continue reading Melissa Mercado

Riana Stellburg

RIANA STELLBURG AKA DJ TITTAHBYTE HONOLULU, HAWAII Music connected me with Honolulu-based DJ Tittahbye a couple of years ago and I’ve been vibing to her mixes ever since from this side of the world (New York City). How does your craft reflect your personal aesthetic? For as long as I could remember music was behind … Continue reading Riana Stellburg

Noël Descalzi-Fiorentinos

NOËL DESCALZI-FIORENTINOS FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF WORK IT OUT  HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY Thank you to Noël for sharing her journey as an entrepreneur on HIMYB.com – and personally inspiring me to choose a healthy and active lifestyle.  Tell us about Work it Out and how long you have been in business. Work it Out is … Continue reading Noël Descalzi-Fiorentinos

Hannah Garrison

HANNAH GARRISON MOTHER, DESIGNER & CO-FOUNDER OF WEAR YOUR MUSIC NEW YORK CITY Best Advice I Have Ever Received: “Do what I love.  I know it sounds cheesy, but if you are doing something you love then you are helping the world turn.” Hannah Garrison is the co-founder of Wear Your Music. She started out handcrafting bracelets made … Continue reading Hannah Garrison

Quiana Parks

QUIANA PARKS NEW YORK CITY DJ & FOUNDER OF DJ FOR A CURE DJ Quiana (Quiana Parks) describes a day in her life as, “… a roller coaster of art, music, and expression, but focus is the essence.” Although Quiana never has a set schedule, she has her daily rituals: fitness routines and above all – … Continue reading Quiana Parks

A Tale of Two Biddies

NIK ADAMS & EBONI MERRIMAN NEW YORK CITY LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS, A TALE OF TWO BIDDIES Describe a day in the life of Nik and Eboni of A Tale of Two Biddies. Both of our days typically start really early. We try and get in some stretching or sun salutations and really reflect on what we’re … Continue reading A Tale of Two Biddies

Shawna Strayhorn

Photo Credit: Amelia Alpaugh SHAWNA STRAYHORN | NEW YORK CITY DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AT REFINERY 29 How did you get started with your career? How does your current role as Director of Business Intelligence at Refinery29 reflect your personal aesthetic? I graduated from Harvard in 2007. From there, I went into management consulting, a ripe … Continue reading Shawna Strayhorn

Marinell Montales

Image c/o Marinell Montales MARINELL MONTALES | JERSEY CITY PHOTOGRAPHER & FOUNDER OF DOWNTOWN, NATCH! Describe a day in the life of Marinell Montales in one sentence. I wake up, check Instagram and Twitter feeds, then my two go-to fashion blogs (manrepeller.com & whowhatwear.com before getting to The Warehouse Cafe — once there, I drink … Continue reading Marinell Montales

Jelynne Jardiniano

image c/o nj.com JELYNNE JARDINIANO | JERSEY CITY OWNER & FOUNDER OF LITM (LOVE IS THE MESSAGE) + AUTHOR OF RESTAURANT FROM SCRATCH How did you get started with your career – and how does your current role reflect your personal aesthetic? It all started with a simple job that I got at the age of 19: … Continue reading Jelynne Jardiniano

Meika Franz

MEIKA FRANZ | JERSEY CITY OWNER & FOUNDER ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE Describe a day in the life of Meika Franz in one sentence: Wake up, feed baby, feed dogs, paperwork, pick vintage, steam/clean/ price/restock, eat, displays, manage employees, promote, put baby to sleep, answer emails, hang with husband, sleep well if baby lets me. 😉 … Continue reading Meika Franz

Anna Sian

image c/o karmaloop ANNA SIAN | NEW YORK CITY MARKETING DIRECTOR STAPLE How did you get started at Staple – and how does your current role as Marketing Director reflect your personal aesthetic? My career path was never a straight one. It’s been a circuitous journey, and a seemingly random one at that. But at … Continue reading Anna Sian

Steph Adams

STEPH ADAMS | SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA ART DIRECTOR/DESIGNER & FASHION/LIFESTYLE BLOGGER STEPH ADAMS CREATIVE + STEPHADAMS.COM How did you get started with your career – and how does your current role reflect your personal aesthetic? I studied graphic design and marketing for my Bachelor of Arts at Curtain University of Western Australia. I then started working in … Continue reading Steph Adams

Juliet Nwekenta

JULIET NWEKENTA | LONDON FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR DEE ROSA Officially launched in 2011, Dee Rosa is a celebration of London-based designer Juliet Nwekenta’s Nigerian heritage, lifestyle, and cultural inspirations through visually stimulating, intricate patterns and geometric shapes. Describe a day in the life of Juliet Nwekenta, Founder & Creative Director of Dee Rosa: My … Continue reading Juliet Nwekenta

Isis Arias

ISIS ARIAS Brand Marketer & Event Producer | Around The Way Cool Girl Describe a day in the life of Isis Arias: A day in my life is a constant variation of many things depending on what I’m working on. The average day consists of me waking up and staring at my iPhone, checking email, … Continue reading Isis Arias

Nola Darling

Jaquita Ta’le + Alex Lavelanet of NOLA DARLING Artists | Rappers | Singers Describe a day in the life of Nola Darling (Jaquita Ta’le and Alex Lavelanet): No two days are alike, so it’s hard to describe a typical day, but it could go anywhere from: Wake up/Emails and Internet/Late Breakfast/Audition/Meeting/Phone Conference/Dinner/Home/Write/Netflix/Sleep or… Wake up/Gym/Lunch/Studio/Phone … Continue reading Nola Darling

Sarah Meier

SARAH MEIER Creative Director, Pormada | Host, Top Model Philippines | Author, Unscripted Describe a day in the life of Sarah Meier. It usually starts with roosters. If you’ve ever visited or lived in the Philippines, you’ll know that the primitive still suffices for the resourceful, and being woken up by cockadoodling and the 6am … Continue reading Sarah Meier


SAMIA GRAND-PIERRE AND LOIS SAKANY AND Founding Editors of Highsnobette | Founders of TheSnobette | Stylists | Branding + Digital Strategists Describe a day in the life of Samia Grand-Pierre (left) & Lois Sakany (right): Samia: A regular day starts with meditation/prayer, a few sun salutations then If I have to work at my visual merchandising job I … Continue reading TheSnobette

Samantha Jo Alonso

SAMANTHA JO ALONSO Co-owner/founder of FRUITION Las Vegas + Los Angeles Describe a day in the life of Samantha Jo Alonso: Consider me a maximalist. From the break of dawn to the strike of midnight, every minute and second is well lived. At 6am, I jump start my day with a 6 – 8 mile run. From there, my … Continue reading Samantha Jo Alonso

Anshia Tull

ANSHIA TULL Founder of Briclyn Entertainment + Co-Founder of Project Hygiene Describe a day in the life of Anshia Tull: Everyday varies but for the most part I wake up, pray to God for allowing me to see a new day. I drink tea every morning to get my day started. From there I begin … Continue reading Anshia Tull


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