Quiana Parks

DJ Quiana Parks


DJ Quiana (Quiana Parks) describes a day in her life as, “… a roller coaster of art, music, and expression, but focus is the essence.” Although Quiana never has a set schedule, she has her daily rituals: fitness routines and above all – prayer.

Music started at home for Quiana and it does not come as a surprise that she would eventually follow her path as a DJ, “Growing up everything in my household came with a personal playlist: cleaning, homework, family time, summer gatherings, and everything else in between. I owe it to my parents for my wide span awareness of different genres and the development of my love to DJ.”

Quiana has been cancer-free for nine years, but when she was diagnosed with lymphoma – she remembers feeling completely numb, “I did not feel anything until I looked in the mirror. I would not look at it. But, when I did – that was when it really hit me… I hate chemo. Chemo was not my friend. I know it helped me, but it was more like a mean teacher there to help. I could not stand it.” It was a challenging time, but Quiana drew her strength and resilience from a higher source: God. She was not DJ’ing during her chemo sessions, but when Quiana overcame the battle in 2005 – it propelled her to start DJ For A Cure, a foundation that aligned her craft with a cause that she strongly believed in. DJ For a Cure aims to educate, support, and raise the awareness of cancer – by gathering DJs, visionaries, and survivors who use their creativity to empower patients and connect them through the power of music.

PUMA® and DJ Quiana Parks will kick off the summer with DJ For a Cure‘s 2nd event on June 26th in New York City (flyer below). There will be board games, prizes from Krink, music by DJs Austin Millz and Charles Browne, and hosted by DJ Kiss and Chef Roblé. Quiana will also be auctioning off one of her oil paintings as a donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

DJ For a Cure Flyer

As a cancer survivor, what advice would you give to women who are going through the same thing you went through? Put yourself in the mind frame that you are cured. No matter how things look, there are two ways you can come out of a situation: feeling ugly – with a veil of fear OR having faith – and the beauty of never giving up.

Where can we learn more about DJ For A Cure? How can we help out? www.djforacure.com and www.twitter.com/djforacure – for more info check out the website and please donate to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

How have the women in your life been instrumental in your life and career? My mother introduced me to music. My sister supports me in everything I do. My mentors DJ Kiss and Sapphira M. HIll guide me along the way.

Cultural trends constantly change. What do you do to stay relevant, connected, and ahead of the curve? I just try to be myself and never worry about the trends.

How do you keep track of your personal and business goals – and stay creative at the same time (even when you’re exhausted)? My sister Qyera keeps me balanced with all that I do!

How important are mentors? Who is your mentor? DJ Kiss and Sapphira are amazing and influential women who have helped me when Google could not, haha.

What place inspires you the most? Art Basel for their amazing music and artists.

When do you feel most powerful? When I am behind the DJ booth and everyone is dancing – even that one person in the room that you never thought in a million years would bust out a move, haha – that is when I feel most powerful.

Why do you love what you do? I get to live for a living.

Define your idea of success. Happiness.


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